It’s scientifically proven that mani looks better when it’s easy to make. Okay, probably not, but our mind buy it. Try these easy- to- make metallic hybrids that can be used as gels or nail polishes. For more glamorous shades, check out our entire cruelty free and vegan-friendly metallic hybrids collection. 

Happy wife

Everything is better with a “Happy wife”. An extremely lovely and delicate shade-that will make you say “metallic” over and over again. Bring this fabulous mani look in your cozy home and your husband will love you forever!

Life on Mars

Out of this world nail, we don’t care!
We’ll give up the Earth, but we won’t give up the “Life on Mars”! Not only another gorgeous “daring” colour, but a promise, for all adventurous ladies, that every step of the journey is worth it. One way ticket for this metallic hybrid, please!




The only thing that could make metallic hybrids better is love! Having a date while wearing this outstanding shade on your nails= a winning game! So yeah, romance gets much more interesting with a metallic touch. Warning- this may transform into a forbidden love affair. ..




Take your love of peppermint to the next level! This is the ideal fresh-and- youthful shade suitable for lively ladies who know how to stay in shape and look fabulous from toe to fingertips. If you haven’t tried “Peppermint” on your nails yet, you haven’t lived at all.



Unsurprisingly, what makes this collection so glam is the metallic upgrade (obviously).Don’t wait until the weekend is over to try them.  Pick-up your favorite colors right away! No matter what your tastes are, there are loads of options to go for. Make sure your manicure is both- fancy and healthy at all times.

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 Written by: Andreea Bortun