Polygels are presented in our “nail care menu” that is basically a list of everything a nail brand can offer in terms of vegan and cruelty free manicure. There are 7 different shades available on our website, and “Rosepink” is the newest one- no wonder that nail technicians/enthusiasts are gonna love this! 

What is Polygel? 

If you didn’t grow up having a passion for beautycare and nails, this might be a commonly asked question. Here are some useful tips that are meant to help all nail lovers around to start creating professional manicure from the comfort of their own home.

Polygel brush Madam Glam

The Polygel is the perfect hybrid between acrylic and builder gels, which allows you to work at your own speed. What does this mean? It will not get dry like acrylic does, unless you cure it. But it is not runny as builder gel is. The consistency is gummy-like and once you place it on your nail, you can turn it over and the polygel won't move. This is fantastic, because you can actually build a whole hand (manicure) and have to cure it just once!

Make sure you go through the application process step by step when using the polygel!


Polygel Madam Glam

Our favourite word to hear in front of pink is “rose”. The epitome of blossomy on your nails, “Rosepink” captures the essence of floral beauty; eye-catching and memorable flower inspired manicure is possible with our latest polygel shade. How good may this look?

Blush peony 

Polygel Madam Glam

A fusion of emotions and flowers is translated into a lovely polygel by Madam Glam; a shade so cute you won’t wanna share. “Blush peony” because you are sweet!

Lily of the Valley

Polygel Madam Glam

There’s no such thing as too much class in your life and having a great manicure will always make you feel confident! Polygels are here to completely change/ upgrade the nail care game, and “Lily of the Valley” is the queen- a shade as royal and delicate as you are!


Polygel Madam Glam


The only thing that might divert your attention from gels is polygel. If you love flowers, pick up the “Dhalia”!
Lovely and discreet, no wonder this shade is the perfect treat for your nails, and going floral has never been so much fun!

Discover more about our range of vegan and cruelty free products including all polygels and nail “accessories” by taking a closer look at our website. There are many healthy “temptations” available for all those who are seeking for a professional nail care.

SHOP our Polygel collection here: https://www.madamglam.com/polygel.html

 Written by: Andreea Bortun