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 Regardless of age or style, women have in common a great desire, if not a passion, for looking fabulous. Beyond variety of products and the experience of a vegan and cruelty-free manicure, Madam Glam would also like to bring our customers/ readers closer to our “family”- which is our dear community of influencers and through them to allow everyone to know us better.

Nail technicians, YouTubers and Instagrmers-all of them are contributing to our growth and excellence as a vegan brand that aims to provide only high-quality and mostly healthy options in terms of beauty.

And because Madam Glam’s “world” would not be the same without our amazing influencers and finding them the perfect “thank you” gift is an essential part of our role, we’ve launched in their honour the seasonal box-a limited edition box that includes 3 gels from Madam Glam’s classic edition, and carefully selected by one of our bloggers each month.


We accompanied talented nail technician Tabytha Scott on her journey of becoming one of the greatest in this creative field. The “Summer’s Revenge” box by Tabytha and Madam Glam is all about passion, combined with a strong devotion to impact the global beauty and nail care industry. This carefully picked set contains an everyday dusty pink, a bold turquoise and a fun shimmery magenta- a selection that speaks to Tabytha’s personality and her artistry.

As Tabytha says, there are many challenges if you aim to become a world class nail technician and teaming-up with the most innovative companies in the industry such as yours truly plays a key role in developing your work properly achieving fantastic results in terms of nail art.


 “I have been licensed nail technician for about 3 years. My goal is to share as much knowledge as I can through my own wins and fails. I want to help bridge the gap between what’s taught in manicurist schools and what goes on in the real world from enhancement application to perfect various art techniques. “

Find out how to combine the new gels, chosen by Tabytha especially for you, into making a fun, beautiful manicure. “You are so vain”, “Not only you and me” and “Pacific” are definitely shades to die for. Make sure you get inspired by checking out Tabytha’s YouTube channel, which will take you through all the essentials of having the perfect glamorous nail art on your fingertips.

   Written by: Andreea Bortun