Valentine’s day will be in less than a week, and so today we are going to talk about V-day nail art. We are also going to share some beautiful designs made by customers/bloggers who used Madam Glam products.

So If you want to get inspired or recreate some of the designs it will be very easy to do so.

Just like before we will feature easy to do nail art as well as professional level nail art.


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V-day nail art designs ideas:


  1. Ombre

Ombre nails are the perfect solution they are super easy to do and they look so great.

You can also use Chameleon gels, although this is not really ombre but it has a really cool similar effect.

Drawing or stamping over ombre/chameleons nails will take your design to the next level and even though it will take a little practice to master is not that hard to do.


      2. Glitter

Glitter is the perfect solution for any fabulous manicure and so the glitter will complete your nail art look with minimum effort.

Just like ombre nails you can also draw over glitter or stamp a design of your choice.

Giller can make your design girly, fun and fabulous in just 3 steps:

-add gel/nail polish

-add glitter

-use a fan brush to gently remove the excess glitter.


      3. Marble

Marble nails look really cool, it will give your design a poetic touch.

There are 3 ways you can do marble nail art.

-Water marbling : for this you will need a bowl at room temperature water, some nail polishes and a toothpick. Add all the colors that you want, create your design with the toothpick, place your finger and you’re done! Water marbling will take some practice, so if you never done this before it might take you a while to get used to it!

-The second method is to do de marble directly on your nails. Add the colors directly to your nails, use a toothpick to create your design, let it dry and you’re done.

-The last method is the plastic bag/foil method. It works just like the other 2 but instead of using water or do it directly onto your finger you are going to add the nail polish on the plastic zip bag. Create your design, wait for it to dry, then you peel it off and add it to your nail with the help of clear polish or top coat.


    4. Splatter

Splatter nails designs are so much easier to do than marble nails!

You will just need a toothbrush and the shades that you want to use.  All you have to do is to dab the toothbrush in polish and use your finger to splatter some on the nails.


   5. Chrome powders

If you want a magical fairy look for Valentine’s day than this is exactly what you need.

Chrome powders are very easy to use and it will turn any boring gel or polish into something whimsical.

If you are using them with gel we recommend using the No Wipe Top Coat for excellent results, plus you don’t have to worry our powders also come with sponge.

Other fabulous colors that are perfect for v day:


Gel: You’re so vain, Spring Petals, Spiked Cotton Candy, Popsicle, Barbie Girl, Sparkling Hearts, Ariel, Light lilac, Paradise, Silver glitter, Top it swag it, Brick, Take your time, Very chic, Amour, Kiss or Lie, Dangerously in love( 115), Coral Flirt, Chest to chest, Berry girl, Sweetest of all, Bubble gum, Kitty Cutie, Love for lilac, Hey honey, Boyfriend Style, Head in the clouds, Under the stars, Lots of it, Metallic silver, Shimmer white, Not your usual white.


Chameleon gel: Cup of tea, It’s a funny world, Pop goes my heart, Hot hot hot, Chocolate with nuts, Dancing in the moonlight  Inside out, Mama mia, Love me  crazy, and Singapore Sling,


Gelementary: Pop Quiz, Forbidden Mini Skirt, Haters gonna hate, Arabella, Daydream, Pom Poms and Saved by the bell.


Glitter: Beauty magic, Problem solver, Silver powder, Love potion, Oh my eyes, Into the galaxy, Illumination, Holo Silver, Holo Sunset, Holo Rainbow and Holo gold.

Chrome powder: Musca, Unicorn Powder, Blue Shift, Dragon Scale, Kryptonite, Horologium, Draci, Jupiter and Hydra.

Hope that you enjoyed the article!

Madam Glam team wishes you: A Happy Valentine’s Day!