Have you ever wondered why we can rarely see flashy nail colors on the Oscars’ red carpet? We believe a classic manicure will reinforce "la pièce de résistance" which is the Absolute Gown and we have to be honest with ourselves, this is the ultimate truth! On the red carpet, it is always about the outfit, which goes immediately on Vogue and Marie Claire’s pages and is viral within seconds from appearing! However, the manicure will not go unnoticed.


The appearance on the red carpet is an art statement! Good or bad, you get criticized for it and we know how the critic's eye works! "The details make the difference" and we like to believe the manicure is one of the most important touches, next to your clutch and bracelet!

These events are built to be big, powerful, breathtaking! There is no doubt about it!

From all the statement black gowns at the Golden Globes, to the white roses at Grammy's, there has been solid proof, that this year, we fight for equality between genders and women empowering women!


Does this mean we should be expecting reds and pinks this year on the Oscars’ red carpet? That remains to be seen!

The 90th Academy Award has something special prepared for sure, because let's face it, it’s like the super-bowl of movie awards! We are waiting a whole year for it and is memorable each time!

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Have a glamorous Friday!