Since this is the first article in 2018 Madam Glam team wants to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope that you had a great start of the year!

In today's article we are going to talk about the nail trends in 2018.

According to Harper's Bazaar here are some of the best nail trends for 2018:


Black and glitters or gradients.


Ombre hair was for sure a big trend ever since it appeared about 2 years ago. Now it's time for the nails to step into the spotlight, because in 2018 ombre/gradient nails are a big trend. For example, on the runway of the Tom Ford show, we saw combinations of black gradient with yellow glitter.


Black and glitter gels


It’s not you it’s me, Don’t tell my husband, Holo Party, Berry Girl, My jewels, Very unique, Golden Chocolate,  Adoration, Just like the sand, Farm tale, Hip Hip Hip, Rose Gold, Glittery Midnight Blue, Navy blue, Heart attack, King’s choice, Losing Control, Perfect Black, Precious and Black Vista.



Here at Madam Glam, we love metallics so much that we have a category dedicated only to them. Metallics look so cool on nails. So if you want to be that cool girl or boy, wear some metallics, pair it them with black to achieve that baddie look or pair it them  with silver to achieve the futuristic look. Either way all eyes in the room would be set on your nails.


Metallics collection


Say I do, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Iconic Bronze, Play Date, Rose Gold, Life on Mars, Get to the Point, Peppermint, Teasing Teal, Ice Blue, Boyfriend Style, Trip to Florida, Romantica, Chiquitita, Nasty Girl, Women in Black, Happy Wife, Hypnotizing, Losing Control and Private Jet.


Rhinestones, flowers and bold colors


If you are all about the bling and the shine, flowers and bold bright or neon colors then this trend is perfect for you! Also if you like this type of trends, you can also combine rhinestones, flowers and bold colors, as I have seen many nail tech do it already in 2017. For example, you could do a rhinestones accent nail, flowers on the middle finger and the rest of the nails could wear a bright neon pink.


Here are our favorite bold colors:

Top It Swag It, Silver magic, Popular Boo, Fluorescent lights, Sky Melt, Glittery Midnight Blue, Dream Diamonds, King’s Choice, Screaming Summer, Passion Fever, Princess Drink, For Green Lovers, Silver Satin, Silver Glitters,  Lots of it, Stardust, Now we’re talking, The red, So Hot, Blood orange, Sangria, Neon Sun, Halo, Mimosa, Peach Bellini, Mango Halo, Spiked Cotton Candy, Popsicle, Bright Barbie Pink, Rich Mambo, Omg Pink, Purple pink and Neon

Lime Green.


Minimalist nails


We love minimalist nail art because it looks so effortless and it’s so easy to do, yet it looks so sophisticated. And who says that you can’t use colors while doing a minimalist nail art manicure? You can do a stripe of color as long as you don’t use too many colors and you keep it clean without too many rhinestones. And also you can use rhinestones as long as you keep a clean nail and you only use one or two rhinestones per hand.

We think that our Gelementary collection would be perfect for this look!


Here are your top picks for your perfect minimalist manicure:




Principal's Office, Dexter’s lab, Freshman Year, Prom Queen, Haters Gonna Hate, Cecily, Pop Quiz, Forbidden Mini Skirt, Saved by the bell, Pom Poms, Junior High, Scarlett, Souvenirs, Daydream, Arabella and Mayssa.




Silver Powder, Sea brew, Oh my eyes, Pink Serum, Love Potion, Holo Sunset, Illumination, Into the Galaxy, Holo Skydive, Holo Rainbow, Gold Sparkles and Holo Fire.


One step gel:


Hadspen Blue, Indigo Splash, Black is the one, Perfect Plum, Reddy or Not, Blue Fiesta, Hubby’s favorite, Pastel lilac, Denim in the air, Winter Jasmine, Lime mint, Pink Hibiscus, Soft music, Pink Cherub, Goddess Dahlia, Lavender Verbena, Marigold, Cyclamen, Fuchsia, Cream Zinner, California Poppy, Chartreuse, Clover, Coral Creeper, Bon Bon Yellow, Sweet Nothing, Neo Berlingo,


Red stiletto nails


If you are going for a bold elegant look red is the way to go, just as with black it never goes out of style.

So basically 50 shades of red or even more:


So here are our top picks for red nails from all of our categories including Gelementary, Glitter, Chameleon Gels, One step gels and regular gels:

Cecily, Love Potion, To the Moon & Back, Dragon Scale, Smart Red, Deep Passion, Sensual Healing, Red and Sparkles, Play with fire, Red wonder, Glitter Lady, Singapore Sling, Summertime, Voulez-vous? Ariel, Chest to chest, Raspberry Explosion, Get to the point, Cherry Party, The red, Bang Bang, Rich Cornell, True Fire Brick Red, Friendship First, Conmigo Contigo, Too busy to care, In love with you, Now we’re talking, Fresh Start, LA Style, Hold Me, Golden Red, Brick, Passion Fever, Amour, Very Chic and Deep Burgundy.

So this was the list with the nail trends for 2018.

What is your favorite trend from the list above?

Did you had a different trend in mind? If so tell us about it.

Until next time have a great week!