You know that it’s spring at it’s fullest when all the flowers have blossomed beautifully, all the trees have nice green leaves and the weather outside is really pleasant. 

So with that in mind in today’s blog article we are going to talk about spring nail trends, about patterns and designs and nail decorations that you will need in order to create the perfect spring manicure.


Gold glitter

Gold glitter is perfect for spring and it goes very well with any pastel shade that you have.

You can use a metallic glitter gel or you can add glitter chunks depending on the look you are going for.

For a more softer and feminine look you can use loose glitter, and for a bolder or minimalistic look you can use glitter chunks.

Here are our top picks for a golden manicure:

Miami Beach, All that Flash, Sweet & sour, Stardust, Don’t tell my husband, It’s not you it’s me, Hip hip hip, Tiara, Gold sparkles and Holo Gold.


Everything you will choose from pink to green to lilac and blue, will be great.

There are a lot of beautiful designs that you can create using pastel colors. For example you can create a pastel gradient, pastel minimalistic nails design, pastel water marbling, etc.  

 Here are our top picks for pastels:

Head in the clouds, Amor Azul, Junior Mint, Dusty Pastel Green, Love for Lilac, Kiss Fuzz, Kobi, Pink Dragon and Cheek to cheek.



Nude gel polish is perfect for any season and any occasion. You can wear it to school, you can wear it to work and it never goes out of style. 

In spring, you can go for the more pink shades of nudes.

Here are our top picks for nudes spring shades:

My oh my, You’re so vain, Never too late, Beige Rose, Boss Babe, Delicacy, Flawless, Sweetest of all, Cherry Fizz, Fancy bikini and Spring Petals.

Blossomed flowers

 This one is so obvious, but also so beautiful and we have just the perfect product for this. The art gel will take your creativity to the next level and it’s super easy to use. Keep in mind that you will be needing a brush to use with this gel.

With the art gel or blooming gel you can create beautiful flower designs, as well as other beautiful and creative designs. 


Pearls, rhinestones and 3d decorations 

You can use those decorations separately or as a combo.

Pearls by definition make a design more feminine and more graceful.

Rhinestones can be also used for a feminine and graceful design but also for a bold party look.

3d decorations - it depends on the decorations itself, for example if it’s an animal or a flower it can be a cuter or a feminine look 

Color blocking 

Even though for this design you are not necessarily using pastels which are considered to be the spring colors, but you are rather using bold colors like neons and hot pinks, I feel that it somehow it’s perfect for spring.

Here are our top picks for the perfect spring color blocking manicure:

Gels: Aqua blue, Fresh Water, Camouflage, Lost in the woods, Vivid Purple, Are you indigo?, Meet Me Halfway, Magenta, Think Pink, Halo, Screaming Summer, True Fire Brick Red, and Now We’Re Talking.

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