Cherry Blossom Inspiration


We cannot pass the opportunity of talking about one of the most beautiful events of the year! Delicate, yet majestic in its beauty - the Cherry Blossom is a beautiful and inspirational event in Japan! 


From the deeper symbolic meanings to the cherry sprinkled lattes everything is under this theme in April!

Nature has its ways of revealing beauty and even though these trees seem to blossom overnight, a lot happens before you see them in bloom! It’s the same in the Marketing industry!

Months before this event, the marketers change to Sakura Mode and from the supermarkets, to your drinks and to your manicure nail designs, everything is Cherry Blossom inspired. 

Of course, given this amazing opportunity, we would love to showcase our products inspired by this fabulous event and no matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered!


There is something old school, yet fascinating about women matching the color of their lips with the color of their nails. Understanding their vision, we decided to help them out! And guess what? Both these products are cherry inspired!

Cherry Party & Cherry Wine make a lovely pair and Iva and Rhian swatched them for us, because they know and understand how important it is for you to see the true color in order to imagine the experience of using them!

There is no news, we love a good red and we believe all women secretly do, even though a color so common, is one of the hardest to wear!

However, it is not necessarily a discussion about boldness, but taking the example of these cherry trees we keep talking about, even the most delicate beings stand out!


A smoothie gel is always a fun idea and given the crelly formula and its super short curing time, your manicure will look lovely and delicate within minutes! If you want to pamper it, throw a few stones on top and you’ll have a supreme Japanese inspired manicure! It’s as simple as that!

If you are not too much of a stones’ fan and your creativity lies within your brush, we have the best suggestion there is: the art gel! You can create the most amazing designs with it and your manicure will look fabulous and unique with each brush stroke! 

Who says that being a beginner, in the nail art world, should stop you from creating fantastic nail designs? We love the idea of a “at home” gel manicure and we have invested our time in creating both professional products and “start-up” products for customers who haven’t used gels before or want to make a smooth transition.

We understand the fact that your time is precious so we’ve brought to you some products that might help you out!


A good example are the 3D gels. These can easily transform your manicure to the next level of beauty and these are incredibly easy to use thanks to the design of the tube’s cap. And since we are exploring this Japanese festival of beauty, it is only natural to share the one and only Whipped Cherry shade! 


Beauty is celebrated everywhere in the world and we don’t need a motive to cherrysh the amazing things around us, but for sure these events come to remind us how important it is to appreciate what we have!