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New Launches

by Iuliana MG on April 06, 2018

All the pastels you need. All the coffee flavors you desire. All the empowering shades you can own!

Madam Glam is known for not falling into stereotypes and with each launch we want to accentuate our vision on the world!

We believe, that feminine doesn’t only mean delicate, but that it also means power, structure, motivation and the strength of pursuing your dreams! 


The only rules we follow are the aesthetics and the quality! We love creating products that will make our clients feel happy and we know that you have followed us on our journey because we are sensitive about these factors!

A balanced color palette with a vegan and cruelty free formula is what we have in mind when preparing a new collection. We want to always stay true to our core and lean on our clients’ needs when we are developing new products!

This new launch is no different! We are bringing to you all the lilacs and purples that you didn’t see in our collections so far, all the coffee shades you didn’t know that existed and all the royal and empowering violets that your heart and nails want!

Being on the same pace with the trends and wanting to offer to our clients the desired shades, while keeping their nails healthy on the long run is our ultimate goal and we believe we haven’t failed you so far!

It is quite a thrill to see and feel that your customers are happy and having been on the market for three and a half years, means that we are doing it right! 

As you well know, our products are long lasting because we know how important it is for you to have a lovely manicure without stressing too much over chipped, peeled or lifted product of your nails! We want you to feel confident in your skin and with what you are wearing!

However, options are important! And if you ever feel the need to change your manicure according to the occasion, you have to be able of doing it! That is why we are constantly developing new shades and textures, so you can have “everything you love at your fingertips”! 


The manicure is that small detail that compliments and completes every look – to some it might not be important, but for most of us, it is a touch that can have a big impact when appearing in public!

Have you ever woken up in the mood of wearing a certain color? Madam Glam believes that your manicure can emphasize your character!

Choose wisely! Your nail designs could say more than words!


For all those of you who feel that these “rules” are too much and hard to follow, the secret to a nice manicure is a clean one!

Make sure you are gentle with your cuticles and you treat them with care and everything will look right in place!

If you feel like you have the time for an extra step, apart from taking care of your cuticles, our One Step Gel collection is everything you need! Its application is as easy as a regular nail polish one, but it is long lasting and with a high gloss  finish.These gels will help you make the transition from a simple and clean manicure to a fabulous gel one!


Options are all you need and we want to make sure you have plenty! Our New Arrivals are always here for you: https://www.madamglam.com/new-arrivals.html


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