From time to time we all need some tips and tricks, don’t you think?

Well, we are satisfying your wish cause we’ve got to that point and because nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers enjoying some good pointers!


We have no doubt that some of you already experienced a lot with our products, but for those who don’t know us so well, yet are intrigued and interested in our products, this might be the blog post that will make them try our brand! And since it is the National Nail Polish day, what better occasion?

Let’s start from the beginning! What do you say?

For us the beginning is represented by our very well known soak off gels. You know them and you love them and you know that we have amazing formulas and finishes.

Each and every one has its own beauty and there are some pointers that you might want to know and why not, experiment!

Cracked Marble: did you know that these look stunning on top of white, neon shades or even glitter? The larger the brush stroke, the larger the crack! And did you know that on top of glitter the crack will turn out smaller? Curious, but nonetheless amazing!! 

Cat eye gels: well, wouldn’t you say that these create the most intriguing manicures? We believe in their mysterious power and we’ve witnessed a few heads turn around.

You can apply them just the way they are, but why waste such a fab effect?


On their own, these look amazing, but wait until you see them on top of black gel polish: insanely dramatic!!! Just add a coat of cat eye on top of black gel polish and before you cure it, don’t forget to bring the magic magnetic wand and create the effect that will make your nails look on point! Cure and enjoy the result!



Smoothie collection: well, let’s face it! This is the cutest collection your eyes have ever seen!

The best part of it? It only needs between 3-15 sec/layer curing time! How amazing is that? And also, these look even cuter on top of a white base or to make things more interesting add them on top of the dominant shade from the crelly glitters! Confetti and celebration on your nails!




Glow in the dark: you know there is a party when these ladies pop in the shadows! There wouldn’t be a real celebration without these delicate in the light and feisty in the night!

You know what we are saying! Just pop 2-3 coats on top of the recommended white gel polish and your mani might surprise you this weekend!




Metallic gels: you’ve found these beauties to act tricky! We are talking about real beauty, so of course they want to make you understand that beauty takes a bit of extra effort, but when you’ll see what these have in store for you, you won’t regret it!





Don’t forget on top of your base or color, add a layer of no wipe top coat and cure them for 3 minutes in LED, top them with the same magic no wipe top coat and the beauty will be unveiled!




One step gels: witty ones, make your manicure look perfect with 1-2 layers, no base or top coat needed! How amazing is this trickery? On the other side, if you apply them just like we tell you to, will last up to 2 weeks. But don’t you want these to last even longer? Just pop some no wipe top coat or regular top coat and these will take you a long way!

What are we saying? Want to spice this color up? Apply a matte top coat and you’ll see wonders!




Chrome powders: did you know that this fairy dust changes its appearance with each color placed as a base? Of course you did know that! Was a pretty obvious question, right?





But did you know that you can apply these on top of one step gels? The one step gels, having the base and top coat incorporated, don’t have a tacky layer, so these fabulous chrome powders will just apply smoothly on top of them. Of course you will need to top them up and if you choose to do it with a regular top coat, don’t forget to wipe it! Show those babes shining!







If you feel like you have learned a thing or two today, don’t forget to comment on this blog post and let us know for what other products you would like some tips and tricks.

Almost forgot! Click on the images for another trick!!



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