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NEW: Peacock Collection

by Iuliana MG on June 15, 2018
As we have used you in the past, the moment for a new launch is here! To be fair, was here a few days ago!
A new beautiful, glittery crème collection was launched and Peacock Collection is its name!
You most likely wonder why a new glitter collection?! Well this one is different and totally magic!
While the other glitter collections, like Diamond & Platinium, make a powerful statement, the Peacock Collection is a bit more subtle, yet fabulous!

Its true mystery is showed over black gel polish and you can build up these 5 beautiful shades, however the feedback is that on top of white or pastels, these amazing glitters look delicate and discreet. Just the tint you need to transform your manicure from a regular one to a beautiful, modern mani!

Enchanted Sky – is a deep blue glitter in a clear base.
A feathery blue touch to your rebel black nails will transform your manicure into an exquisite one! Enchanted much? Of course! After wearing this fantastic gel polish!
Frosted Emerald – is a clear base with green and gold specks.
Inspired by the peacock feathers, this gel will bring your dark manicure to life! And when we say this, well, we absolutely mean it!


Cosmic Sparkle – warm purple specks in a clear base.
Cosmic beauty doesn't even begin to cover this fantastic effect! Simply out of this world! In order to believe us, you will have to try it for yourself!

Under pressure – blue and green specks in a clear base.
You know what they say? Under Pressure, everything looks beautiful! Inspired by diamonds and peacock feathers, this gel is everything you dreamed of and more!
Let’s Jazz – green, gold and orangy specks in a clear base.
The perfect look for a weekend night out! Give it a go and your manicure will be the rock star of the party! And since it is Friday, what are you waiting for?

These being said, we’d like to thank you for always challenging us in order to bring the most amazing products in terms of shades, formulas and finishes! A lot in the developing process is owed to you, our followers, customers, bloggers and nail techs and for that you will always have our deepest gratitude!

 SHOP ALL colors here: https://www.madamglam.com/gel-soak-off/peacock.html


 Written by: Andreea Bortun 


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