Explore the fascinating relationship between summer and vegan manicure with the latest nail art trends at Madam Glam.  With a huge variety of intriguing gels from the brightest to the darkest shades, our brand offers endless takes on gorgeous nail art for the joy of nail lovers and enthusiasts!

The nail art trend also invites us to consider the role talented nail technicians play, in highlighting their customers’ personality, and what we can do to ensure the green future of manicure, by using cruelty-free products.

Aqua Blue

Want to whisk yourself away to a seaside retreat each time you look at your manicure?  Aquatic themed nail art on Madam Glam Aqua Blue, is something you might want to go for.  The soothing colours of water will give you an instant peaceful vibe.

IMG_2036 (1).jpg

Burden of Dreams

For a truly adventurous experience in terms of manicure, go for a mix of great shades such as: Carpe Diem, Aqua Blue and Burden of Dreams, with a touch of Gold Digger. Having your “own world” painted on your nails can be fancy, and fun!

IMG_2038 (1).jpg

 Carpe Diem

As our dear influencer and nail technician Angela says: “Sun was shining nicely this morning over Madam Glam’s Carpe Diem shade”. Butterflies and glitter are key features of this dreamy manicure.

IMG_2039 (1).jpg

 Very Chic

Last but not least, enjoy a romantic dinner date while wearing “very chic” on your nails. We have no doubt it will turn out to be a hot one!

IMG_2032 (1).jpg

No matter what kind of manicure you go for this summer, one thing is certain; nail art is trending, and, you should definitely try it out! It’s a glamorous statement, suitable for all gorgeous outgoing ladies, that love to make the most of their looks from toes to fingernails.

See our entire palette here: https://www.madamglam.com/gel-soak-off.html 

   Written by: Andreea Bortun