So we know Madam Glam is a wonderful place to shop, with its rich and spectacular variety of gels. But did you also know it produces some of the healthiest nail products you could ever find? In fact, our amazing gels are vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring that you know you’re getting the real thing, and staying true to your values as a vegan.  And because healthy also means trendy, we invite you to explore the latest summer manicure addition- jelly nails.

Summer Nail Inspiration

Unsurprisingly, the jelly nails- which are one of the latest innovations in terms of manicure due to water consistency slightly translucent- appeal to Millennials. Many Instagrammers are showing the world how awesome and fun the jelly effect looks on their nails.


Purple Sky

Madam Glam is a land of magic, myths, legends and, well, “Purple Sky” is a must have gel- explore our virtual shop to find out more about some of the summer’s most intriguing trends/ shades. All of the outer space, the stars, planets and galaxies are ready to be painted on your nails.

2-purple-gel-manicure.jpg        IMG_2117.jpg

Golden Chocolate

If you are someone who says YES to chocolate all the time, then this gorgeous shade is for you.  A great manicure addition suitable not only for chocoholics around, but for all sophisticated ladies who are looking for a golden luxurious touch.  


 Dream Diamonds

Are you seeking a very unique and valuable look? If so, make sure you try-out “Dream Diamonds” by Madam Glam-a shade that tells a story about allure, glamour and elegance.  No doubt you will shine when wearing diamonds on your nails.


Sparkling Hearts

Nothing makes a person happier than having a sparkling heart manicure! Glam ladies, imagine a night-out where getting stunning is part of the fun; going for a romantic shade will make you love each and every single moment.  As a bonus, you are likely to steal some hearts!


 The jelly nails trend perfectly fits with the new generation expectations such as innovation, liveliness and holistic beauty. With a focus on ingredients and long-term care, Madam Glam offers a successful mix of healthiness and newness.  By continuing to browse our website, you will be able to discover more about our vegan and glamorous ways of promoting beauty.

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 Written by: Andreea Bortun