Summer trends 

A “Madam Glam” shopping trip isn’t complete without a stop at the “Summer trends” department, where you can browse a vibrant collection of gels in more than 30 shades that are likely to match your easy outfits and satisfy even the most demanding tastes.


 It’s amazing how a well-put together and summery look stands out. Simply paint your nails in the colour that matches your playful character and you’ll definitely turn heads!


Stay cool on the beach as the light of a sunny blue sky reflects from your “Lagoon” nail shade! Stand-up paddling, windsurfing or just taking a scenic boat trip can make your summer. Experience the wild and adventurous side of summer without compromising on style.

 Screaming summer

An island barefoot heaven where summer never ends might be the perfect spot/ dream! Get ready properly for the hottest days with the “Screaming Summer” gel by Madam Glam. You will be a glow with this ultimate orange shiny shade.

Barbie girl

Beach, swimming pool or rooftop parties? Look like a diva all summer long with the “Barbie girl” gorgeous mani. A lovely and sophisticated shade that Instagrammers around are likely to adore!

Neon Sun

This shade screams summer. Rocking out in “Neon Sun” is going to show who the queen of summer is. A great match for bold and active ladies who are always on the go.

 Whether you are looking for a playful sunny manicure or just getting your nails done, you can be sure to find all the information you need on our website. Discovering the many benefits of professional manicure- from formula and curing time to tutorials for application and removal process without paying a visit to the salon- is definitely a challenge for all nail enthusiasts. Not to mention that Madam Glam is always the healthiest option to go for!

 Written by: Andreea Bortun