There’s no secret that fall and nails make the perfect pair; when weather gets bad, you still have your lovely products to keep you warm and occupied. Take your love for nails to the next level with Madam Glam’s amazing yummilicious purple shades tailored for chilly weather. 



gels, purple, madam glam



Flying Purple

Baby, it’s cold outside! Purple seems to be the ultimate way to warm up. Go for this both royal and mysterious color that will make you look elegant/ start the season on a high note! “Flying purple” is the right shade to class up your manicure.

flying purple, gel, madam glam



Plum Addict

Homemade fruity nails. This is the best thing you can do with plums. No wonder you’ll look adorable while having this sweet touch on your fingertips. Is it mani...or dessert? You decide!
Plum addicts, you’ve come to the right place.


madam glam, gel, purple, plum addict



Lavender Verbena

Classic floral mani gets a cozy upgrade during the fall season. “Lavender Verbena” is the perfect shade for all sophisticated ladies that love to stay decent and trendy. The kind of gel color that is easy to get, hard to resist!


madam glam, gel, purple, lavender



Wild Berry

Whatever you do, don’t go through autumn without trying this yummilicious shade. A crazy-delicious manicure that will blow your mind for sure. Besides, berries make your nails look healthy, right?


madam glam, purple, gel.


If you are seeking quite a fashionable manicure this season, there is a huge variety of purple shades to go for in order to suit all tastes. No matter the occasion, Madam Glam’s has everything you need for an ordinary, business, classy, luxurious or extravagant look. 

 Written by: Andreea Bortun