Spring Equinox – both beautiful and mystic

The vernal equinox is a celebration of new beginnings and fresh starts and even though the weather likes to play tricks on us, Spring has officially landed on March, 20th. We believe this occasion has a unique vibe, both beautiful and mystic; and what better way of revealing part of this mystery other than using cat eye gels and star cat eye gels for your manicure?!

There is a long history around the symbolism of this event around the world and with ancient correlations, but we won’t dig deep into myths!

We would like to bring these stories into the modern days and to create the most fabulous makeover for your nails! 

From light, delicate, wedding-like shades, to dark, powerful and full of mystery shades, we will cover your manicures for each occasion!

 You want your bridesmaids to have a delicate, feminine, yet a next generation mani for your special day? This is the perfect “Metaphor” for your friendship!

And if you want to add a tint of color, and you are “Obsessed” with light coral with a twist, this is the answer for a hippie dream!

Yet, not everything is about weddings and wedding rehearsals, so here is what we suggest for a regular week, from the office to the cocktail party, from the perfect Friday out with the girls, to the Saturday dinner with your favorite person and why not, to the Sunday morning chill!

We believe that an office manicure needs to be both versatile and powerful and that it needs to represent your personality and to describe you better than words! You know how important appearances are, even though we all try to avoid judging a book by its cover!


If a subtly seductive shade that shows confidence, stability and warmth is your to go style, then you must choose the one and only “Tiger Mood”! This grape red will emphasize your strengths and will put you in a position of power without being flashy!

 If you don’t want to unveil your personality, we suggest a shade that will combine extravagance, creativity, mystery, independence and magic - “Round the clock” is making everything possible.


There are situations when you will need to go to an important meeting directly from your work place and we know gel manicures are a long term choice. These are the moments when you will have to mix and match and we have, as always, a few options for you! 


 These four choices are on the darker side and will ensure an exquisite look for your cocktail party. These shades have the power to intrigue anyone watching your manicure! If you are looking for a bold expression of beauty, you’ve found the solution!

However, a Friday night out with the girls doesn’t require the same attitude! You are among friends who know you and will read beyond any manicure details, but even so, we love to brag about the fabulous products on the market so we dare for more! Challenge accepted!


People often say that brown is unnoticeable, but this one is not! The most beautiful and extravagant brown your nails have ever seen is with no doubt, “Higher Spirit”, while “Cosmos” will bring to your nails an out of space manicure!


We love to bring something new to the table when it comes to the relationship with our significant other. Whether it is about a new relationship or an old one, we need to challenge it!

The mystery is part of the game and we have just the needed element for a dazzling attitude! 


There is a certain “Poetry” attached to Sunday mornings, when you just want to share your time with your favorite person in the world, but in the same time, it is the day when we prepare for facing a new week on a high-note and there is no other way than using a Madam Glam, cat eye gel for this mystical beginning of season! 

 Chase your favorite attitude and enjoy this season while wearing the most intriguing gel line there is!