Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s day and so in today’s article we are going to share with you some nail art ideas for both beginners and for more experienced nail tech as well as our top picks and lots of fun facts.

Special symbols and ideas:

-The Shamrock -The first thing that you must add to your nail art design is of course the symbol of Saint Patrick day. The shamrock leaf (is a trefoil leaf of any small clover) which is used as the symbol of Ireland. You can do the four leaf clover which is said that it brings good luck to the person who finds it/ wears it.

-Rainbow - is considered to be a symbol for life, family, career, money, love health, intuition and protection. 

-The Leprechauns - these mythical creatures represents the fairy in Irish folklore. The leprechaun wears a coat and has a pointed hat, he is often portrayed as a little man with a red haired beard. It is said that if it’s captured by human, the creature will grant 3 wishes in exchange for their freedom. 

-Gold/a pot of gold - This precious metal is appreciated in Irish culture and folklore. It is said that in order to catch a leprechaun, you must lure him with gold coins.

-The Irish flag which consists in green, white and orange. 

-Lucky horseshoe - This of course is the symbol for luck.


Tip: To make any design look more professional use glitter and 3d gels, this will turn any simple design into an amazing manicure. 



Fun facts about St. Patrick’s day:


Did you know that each year 5.5 million people visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City?

The average duration of a St Patrick parade is about 5-6 hours long and it has roughly 2 million spectators.

In order to turn green the Chicago River are used 40 lbs. of green dye.

Nearly 122 million of Americans (which is about 39% of the population) say that they celebrate St. Patrick’s day. So St. Patrick’s day is quite popular.

For the celebration of this day:

-83% people wear green

-34% make a special dinner

-31% attend a party

-25% decorate their homes

We wonder how many people are painting their nails for this holiday. 

Here are our top picks for a perfect St. Patrick day manicure:


Patrick’s Favorite, Screamming summer, True Fire brick red, Mimosa, Gold digger, It’s not you it’s me, Beige rose, Tomboy, Jasmine, Lost in the woods, For green lovers, Green verdict, Health & Wealth, Perfect black, King’s choice, Solar wind, Amour, Too busy to care, Peachy, Lemon Tart, Metallic Gold, Glittery Emerald, Skate your Grass, Fresh Water, Sweet & sour.


Scarlett, Dexter’s lab, Mayssa, Arabella, Cecily, Forbidden mini skirt, Prom queen and Principal’s office.


Gold Sparkles, Treasure Tickles, Sunny Mix, Problem Solver, To the moon and back, Sea brew, Illumination, Love potion and Holo gold.

Chrome powders:

Crater, Volans, Pavo, Dorado, Phoenix, Saturn, Orion, Jupiter, Caelum and Lynx.

3D gels:

Matcha, Buttercream, Candy cane, Liquorice, Sorbet, Sugar, Cake, Orange Creamsicle and Bubblegum. 


Madam Glam team wishes you a wonderful St Patrick’s day!