Every year we wait for a ruling in fashion, design, shades & trends. This one is set by none other than Pantone. The verdict for this year? Ultraviolet, of course!


Once Pantone announces the color of the year and the color inspiration palette, everything changes. From fashion to design, to hair color trends, everything is inspired by this palette! Of course, we make no exception from this rule, because we like to stay connected to these moving trends and we know that you love them; so, we don’t want to disappoint you!

Madam Glam has a vast collection of purples. From light lilacs, to lavenders, to dusty purples, to mauves and finally to deep dark plums – we have them all! If being connected to trends is in your nature and you love vegan and cruelty free products, then you know what to do and how to choose!


Since Spring has started, we decided to present a variety of pastels that will work beautifully during this season and  we would also like to show you how to integrate them in your personal style. We will take a tour, from your bracelets, to your hair and to your room. This year, everything will change!

Do you like to choose your accessories based on your nail polish shade? After seeing our suggestion, we believe that you will for sure do so!

"Purple Pink" is a shade that will never fail you – it is young, fresh and vibrant and yet a confident color that will last on your nails for weeks! 

However, for the rebel in you, we have a lovely shade that will emphasize your wild spirit! “You are the only one” and that’s all that matters in this equation!


“Meet me halfway” shows who you are and allows him or her to get to know you without being too invasive! Luckily, purples have a certain mystery tone attached to them - they yell power and control!

 Ladies, you decide how much of your personality you want to uncover and purples will create the perfect wall! So does your bag and this is the perfect accessory to match your manicure to!


When you are looking for the perfect gel to complement your outfit, you have to be very careful how to create the right aesthetics, without having your accessories battling the beauty of your final look!


If you are going for bold, daring shades in your outfit, make sure to use a mauve/muddy purple on your nails, to accentuate the ensemble. It’s quite easy if you think about it, isn’t it? “Twilight lilac” will create a fabulous day to day manicure and will perfectly complement your look! Have no doubt about it!

If you are not a fan of purple clothes, but you would love to have your own space where you can relax and enjoy a good book, choose lavender for your room! It’s said that lavender walls can offer you that and if walls can relax you, why not your manicure?

Here is our suggestion for a staycation manicure and we believe you will agree, this shade will make you feel fantastic no matter where you go! “Hey Honey” is definitely one of our most romantic lilac shades.


No matter what kind of personality you have, we’ve got the answer for you! And don’t forget, it doesn’t matter if it is a trend! If it doesn’t match who you really are, choose the colors you love and make them your own!