For a truly fabulous nail experience, make sure your signature manicure is “infused” with the appealing cat eye effect.  We have added to our Cat Eye gel collection 6 new flawless shades that are likely to leave you glowing. Ideal for nail lovers, fashion bloggers, Instagrammers and mostly vegan and cruelty free addicts. Keep it classy, ladies!

Garden of Roses

Fancy enough for date nights, delicate enough for working days- you can never go wrong with “Garden of Roses” painted on your nails. With the cat eye effect, it’s decent and naughty- all in one. Good luck going back to the regular nail polish after trying this dreamy shade.

garden_of_roses_-_supplier_number_1.jpg               garden-of-roses-1_1.jpg

Fruit Punch

A shooting of all senses! Try the new “Fruit Punch” for an added burst of sweetness. Get an extra delicious look and top it with fresh fruity manicure. You might need to be on a beach enjoying a refreshing cocktail while showing-up with this yummylicious gel.

fruit_punch_-_supplier_number_3.jpg                 fruit-punch-3_1.jpg

Sweet Taste

Our love for glam and healthy nails knows no end. Get a “Sweet Taste” of Madam Glam with our newest cat eye gel; a colour that’s as charming as you are. We should have launched this long time ago!

sweet_taste_-_supplier_number_4.jpg         sweet-taste-4_1.jpg


It’s the most genuine colour you’ll ever wear! A shade that tells a story about- the excitement of being a kid, a lover’s dream, the need of letting go and being carefree! Life is like a “Carousel” with ups and downs and having it on your fingertips is definitely a matter of bravery.

carousel_-_supplier_number_6.jpg        carousel-6_1.jpg

Candy Apple

Nails have never looked so cute! “Candy Apple” aka just another reason to be obsessed with cat eye gels. Easy to go for, hard to resist- candy+ apple are seriously perfect together.

candy_apple_-_supplier_number_5_1.jpg           candy-apple5_2.jpg


Such a Feeling

Whatever you do, don’t go through summer/life without trying “Such a Feeling”.  This gorgeous pinkish gel is almost surreal on your nails. Upgrading your manicure with charm, elegance and gracefulness will make you feel damn good, and you don’t have to feel guilty as all is vegan and cruelty free.

such a feeling.png      such a feeling 1.png


“Garden of Roses”, “Fruit Punch”, “Sweet Taste”,“Candy Apple”,“Carousel” and “Such a Feeling” are more than just the latest cat eye trend, but our testimony of professional care in terms of manicure that reflects our desire/ efforts of making our customers always happy by spoiling them with new glamorous (and mostly healthy) shades of gel.

 Written by: Andreea Bortun