Stay Glam

As a vegan brand that likes to stay on top of the trends, yet committed to a glamorous and sustainable community, some time ago, we’ve launched the cruelty-free “Smoothie Collection”.  A summer collection that sets a new standard- we literally associated colours with some real smoothie recipes such as “Pink Dragon” and “Virgin Colada”.  There are 21 different shades/“tastes” available in order to sweeten-up your summer!




image (1).png

 Why Smoothie Gels?

A mix of mangos, melons, fresh lemons and home-made strawberry syrup served directly on your nails might be fun, right? Not only will it make you look trendy while sunbathing on a tropical beach, but it will also speak about your lively and sunny personality.  

Peach Bellini

This is a fabulous vegan treat- smooth and delicious, a gel that is likely to enchant all your senses. Make sure you “wear” it by the swimming pool.  



Cocktail Time 

 If you want to indulge, head to some of New York’s rooftop barsthat are open during summer- a smoothie vegan manicure is a must! 




Cookies and Cream

There is a tempting range of sweets on the menu. When it comes to seasonal delights “Cookies and Cream” is the right option to go for. It will make your nails look irresistible for sure.



 Mango Halo

Appetizing and fresh- this gel is highly recommended for the playful and daring ladies! A burst of fruitiness will make you glow with the warm mango halo shade.




Now that you are updated about our healthy and fancy “Smoothie Collection” , you are likely to enjoy very much browsing on our website for all “Smoothie” delicious shades and coming up with ideas for your next manicure.

Each nail product we create is a statement of our commitment towards a happier and fulfilling way of life for our consumers.

 Written by: Andreea Bortun