Modern lifestyle might be quite a controversial topic, but there’s one thing that all contemporary ladies will agree with: “You don’t have to know how to cook, you just have to wear the right lipstick!” Now that you know where the future is heading, you might think of instantly upgrading your look.  Madam Glam offers a confidence-boosting collection of lipsticks that are likely to make you glow.The talk lipstick collection


This shade is basically winning on all levels- it looks like “Conspiracy” for sure! A lipstick that makes the perfect transition from the walk in the park to a cocktail dinner; the personal signature of a classy lady for whom style can be unique and unconventional.

conspiracy lipstick


As pretty as it looks, “Madhatter” is a real bomb; bet you didn’t know your favourite lipstick could have such an effect. Be careful- you are in real danger of losing track of everything else including your mind while wearing this non-toxic madness on your lips. “Queen of Hearts” or Alice? It’s up to you who you really want to be in your own Wonderland!


madhatter lipstick


Cherry Wine
Nothing says chic like a “Cherry Wine” irresistible lipstick. This mysterious shade will WOW your friends/ admirers no matter the moment of the day/ night; suitable for ladies who display self-respect, class and etiquette. Lights…camera…lipstick! You are a real star now.

cherry wine

Red Queen
Two reasons why lipstick is better than red carpet jewels: 1.It’s unbreakable and will not fail you! 2. It will shine brighter and will light up your smile! With the classic red shade on your lips, everyone will figure out who the real queen is. Be royal only with “Red Queen” by Madam Glam.

red queen


 To show elegance you most importantly have to believe in yourself. Don’t forget to check out all the gorgeous shades from our lipstick collection “The Talk”. We have bundled up some TOP colours and are ready to help you take your look to the next level.

 Written by: Andreea Bortun