Fall is finally here, and there’s no secret that we can deal with the cold better when we have our nails done.  The best word to hear in front of any manicure is “design”. This is exactly the reason why Madam Glam teamed up with nail guru, amazing artist and YouTube creator Natalie Carmona to create the “Pumpkin Patch”- which is a limited edition box that celebrates the autumn season and the transformative power of the perfect manicure.


If you love staying glamorous (and you do), get ready to lose your mind over the amazing shades carefully selected and suggested by Natalie. See how this talented artist turned her passion for manicure into a great career.  Like many millennials, Natalie Carmona developed her aspirations first in a playful way through DIY techniques, then in a professional manner through YouTube. She was only a kid when it all started.                        

                                             poza Nati.jpeg

‘I became interested in nails at the age of 10, when I got my nails done for the very first time. I remember sitting in the chair feeling like a million bucks because I knew that no other girl in my class would have pretty nails like me.  I also remember watching the lady do my nails from beginning to end and knowing that one day I would be on the other side of the table making other girls feel the way I did. 

A couple of years later at the age of 15 after never being satisfied with my nails I finally decided to pick up the brush and do it myself. After I made that decision with the help of my parents I have been unstoppable for the past 6 years. I knew what it was like to never be satisfied with my nails which is why decided to change that and do the impossible to make every one of my clients happy which is what I been doing ever since.

 I now feel like I have accomplished what I wanted as far as making all my girls happy and my goal now is to be able to share my knowledge with all of those girls just like myself.’

The “Pumpkin Patch” is a real testimony of how modern “nail art” looks as seen through a committed nail technician’s eyes.  A box that contains 3 gels that speak to the month of October and everything it stands for.

“Cafe au lait”- milky beige, “Blood orange” - neon orange, and “Rich Cornell” - sparkly reddish brick shade are the season’s gels that you are likely to get cozy with.



‘With fall being my favorite season, choosing these colors was very easy to me because when I close my eyes and think of the fall time all I see are those beautiful trees full of shades of browns, oranges and gold.’ - Natalie

                                                                                                                                                       Unwritten rule:  every glamorous lady should have her “Pumpkin Patch” this autumn!  Manicure has never looked as dreamy as with the seasonal box created by Natalie Carmona and Madam Glam, and there’s nothing else to be said!

 Written by: Andreea Bortun