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Are you a pro?


by Maria MG on February 06, 2019

Dear You, 

This Valentine’s Day, show your nails some love and get creative. A little heart? A splash of pink or red? Some metallics or glitter? For sure you’ll be on your way of having the cutest Valentine’s nails.  

We'll celebrate love starting today and with this occasion, we are excited to announce that this is not your usual, cheesy Valentine’s Day...Nah...It’s more than this! 

It’s about love, nature, the love for nature and the importance of keeping our environment, our lives and our loved ones safe and happy.  

GREEN HEARTS is a loving awareness campaign towards animals protection that started off with the love for our core values: 9-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free and our love for details. 

We created a limited edition collection of gel polishes that will be your perfect match: Pure Energy, Eco Vibes, Earth Day Everyday, Natural Beauty, The Change or That's the Spirit, are just a few pieces from our Valentine’s Day collection. Wear them on your nails and make a statement about love and about what really matters in this world!  

For the rest of the month, we will share your Valentine’s Day nail art design using  Madam Glam polishes on our Instagram page @madam_glam. For a chance to be featured on our social media platform, make sure to use the official hashtag of the campaign- #Green💚MadamGlam. 

You already know Madam Glam is not only your nail polish specialist but your best friend too and as we celebrate love on 14th, even if you’re in a relationship or not, it’s our responsability to spoil you with good deals and make you feel special and loved. 

Madam Glam 💚
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by Mairim on February 06, 2019

Hola me encantan sus productos estoy comenzando con mis videos en YouTube y me gustaría mostrar sus productos 🤩gracias!!!


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