When your outfits match your nails, you’re doing Halloween right!

This is not a trick! We’ve done our fair share of spooky Halloween nail treats- “Ice Cream Nails”, Pumpkin Spice Latte”, “Poison Apple and Teeth Nails”- that you wouldn’t be too scared to take a bite of, all is ready for the Flesh Hungry Zombies in the Halloween Nail Town.



It’s Halloween Giveaway Haunting Time!

 Get ready to “chase” all the gel colors for your favorite Halloween nail design! Our influencer community has the greatest Halloween nail art designs under #MadamGlamBoo. Go check them for more inspiration AND for a chance to win a box of Madam Glam gel polishes.  All you have to do is to haunt/ follow#MadamGlam and #MadamGlamBoo, and to tag in a comment the artist that has created your favourite design. The lucky 3 haunters/ winners will be chosen on The Scariest Night of the Year, October 31

As soon as you see all the spooktacular nail designs that are available under #MadamGlamBoo, you might want to share with us your own spooky nails.  Getting on stage for our 2nd Halloween Giveaway might give you the chance to win ONE of our 3 special treats:  1 Gel Kit with everything you need for a fun home gel manicure, 3 magical coloursfrom the NEW 5D Cat Eye Gel Collection (Coming soon!), and 3 hypnotic colours from the NEW

Peacock Cat Eye Gel Collection (Coming soon!).  Rules of entry for the 2nd Halloween Giveway fun a.k.a.  Conditions to join the big party: create a Halloween manicure using Madam Glam Gels - tag us@madam_glam; in the caption tag 2 friends and use #MGtrickortreat.

The lucky 3 winners will be chosen at the end of the big celebration, on November 1st!


IMG_3190.jpg                      IMG_3189.jpg

Black Light

If your nails don’t glow in the dark, you are not enjoying Halloween to its fullest potential.  Here’s what you can do when the sun goes down on the Halloween night: Use “Black Light” in order to face the unknown and prepare your magical Halloween potion! No special power is needed, just a couple of Madam Glam gels in the darkest shades ever.


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Are you ready for the Halloween Celebration? If so, make sure you are first warming up with a delicious “Pumpkin Spice Latte” manicure.  A great combo of gels such as: “Bang Bang” – to get the party started, “Café au lait”- to keep you awake through the scary night and “On my brown”- to guide you through the valley of death.



“California Love” and Flesh Hungry Zombies

Flesh Hungry Zombies are here to make the most out of the coldest night of the year, get dizzy and fall into “California Love”. No wonder there is something magical about Halloween, and it’s called BLACK MAGIC!



The Evil Pumpkin Carriage

The Halloween Journey continues at Madam Glam. Let us get you through the spooky night with The Evil Pumpkin Carriage pulled by the Headless Horse on its way to the Graveyard. Your Halloween must-have: A one way ticket (a.k.a. the “Cosmic Sparkle” shade) to all inhumane adventures for this blighted night.



If you want to add more “treats” to your Halloween nail menu, make sure you check out our Instagram page @madam_glam and our special Halloween hashtag that is #MadamGlamBoo.  Lots of fun ideas for an outstanding Halloween manicure are available there.  

A big thank you goes to our lovely community of influencers and talented nail technicians who accepted to be part of this fun Halloween campaign by Madam Glam.  

Note: Stay tuned as on October 31, 2018 this blog post will be updated with the name of the lucky winner of our 1st Giveaway.

   Written by: Andreea Bortun