What is fall without the seasonal box? We are taking you way beyond the ordinary gel manicure, and we are having some of the most talented nail gurus by our side. Nicki is the sparkling proof that being different is fun. She is a nail technician with an eccentric personality and one of our dearest YouTube friends.  Get ready to experience total mani bliss with the 3 gorgeous shades carefully selected by Absolute Nails.

 Nicki & Nails

Nicki first started her YouTube channel called “Absolute Nails” exactly 10 years ago this month, and this is how her journey started:



 Hint: If you like acrylic nails that are a bit “different”, make sure you pay a visit to Nicki’s YouTube channel. There are loads of videos/ masterpieces that are featuring her passion for manicure and nail design. Make sure you check them all!

 Nicki & the Absolute Nails Box

The seasonal box is about saying “thank you” to all our dear friends- customers, influencers and talented nail technicians that are part of Madam Glam family through their enthusiasm for cruelty- free and vegan manicure and passion for innovative nail designs.

For the last month of the season, we teamed-up with Nicki in order to bring you the Absolute Nails” box which is a testimony of her lovely personality.  She selected her 3 favourite colours that totally represent her:  OMG Pink- because she loves pink,  “Thunder -because it reminds her of a fantasy sky and Lots of it”- well because that’s just bling, bling and more bling.



 OMG Pink

Pink all day, duh- because autumn might end soon, but pink season never!  Make everyone say “OMG” every time that you are wearing this irresistible pinkie shade.  Admit it- the name alone sounds insanely attractive! You are likely to turn heads with “OMG Pink” on your nails.


Is it real life or just a dream? Your world turns to be a revolving door between fantasy and reality when having “Thunder” on your fingernails.  This shade was carefully selected for ladies with childlike hearts and at the same time with the strength of great warriors.  Wear it at a party under a dark starry sky, for thousands of thunderclaps!

 Lots of it

If you are seeking a festive gel colour, “Lots of it” is the perfect shade to go for. Whether you are toasting to fall or you are getting ready for your upcoming birthday party, this colour will make you glow for sure; gorgeous nails and confetti is all you need to stay glamorous!


 The “Absolute Nails” box by Nicki and Madam Glam is impossible to resist. Make sure you grab one before we run out of stock. What you’d expect from Madam Glam is exactly what you’ll get here: lovely gel colours, cruelty free and vegan top products- all is carefully packed for you in order to have salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home!

Buy the box here: https://www.madamglam.com/absolute-nails-madam-glam.html


 Written by: Andreea Bortun