The best way to spread holiday cheer is by spoiling yourself with a festive treat: “Holly Jolly” Christmas Box by Denise John and Madam Glam!

It is the most wonderful time of the year and, as usual, we love to spend it with our dear community. Denise John- talented nail guru and beloved friend, said YES to our challenge of creating a totally special gift for you; three glamorous shades that are a Christmastime MUST!

About Denise & “Holly Jolly” Christmas Box

There are extremely talented people, just like Denise, who inspire and help us create a new world with their extraordinary vison when it comes to nail art. The touch of a nail artist may produce mesmerizing results, especially during the holiday season when everyone wants to glow. 

Deep Burgundy”, “Lost in the woods”, “It’s not you, it’s me” a.k.a. the Christmas Box represents the essence of everything that Denise believes in, her passion for an artful life that she continuously expresses through her nail designs and through her favourite gel colours that she is happy to share with the world. 

       "I always liked to paint my nails, even as a small child. I even tried gluing on nails when I was young. As a teen, I would grow my natural nails very long.

I'm an artistic person in many areas. Whether it is drawing, sewing, quilting, home decorating, baking, dollhouses, miniatures and nails.

To me, nails are another canvass to work on, only smaller. I kept doing nails off and on, mine, my family and friends. Until one day in 2012, I said, I need to go and get my license and I did.

I started my YouTube channel in 2011 and it is growing. I do all my own filming and editing as well. It is such a joy to be able to share my designs and ideas with others. I have met so many wonderful people on there. I hope to keep growing my channel and someday hold classes of my own for people to learn some new designs."


 Deep Burgundy

 It’s the favourite colour of the holiday season- and it’s guaranteed to look adorable. Your imagination will grow three sizes when you start thinking of using “Deep Burgundy” for your Christmas inspired nail design. Even the Grinch would have to admit that this shade is irresistible! 

Lost in the woods

 If you can make a batch of green nails, you can make these Christmas festive nails. Get “Lost in the woods” in order to have the best Christmas Tree nail design. An amazing classic shade for an unforgettable Christmas Story!

It’s not you, it’s me 

Last but not least, other shades can step aside when you have “It’s not you, it’s me” on your fingertips. It’s everything you love about Christmas: the magic, the glamour, the feeling of living the most beautiful moments ever. A precious gel colour for a surreal look during Christmastime. 

Without doubts, what we love most about the seasonal box is what it symbolizes. The “Holly Jolly” Christmas Box, if you think about it, is a place where magic happens and dreams come true, with texture and colours that are almost out of this world. We like to think that Madam Glam does, and has always done, the same for the imagination, creating and nurturing unpredictable magic and constant surprise through the many collections of vegan, cruelty-free and 9-free gels that are available on our website.

 Written by: Andreea Bortun