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@Home Festival Nail Art Ideas | Get the Look!

by Maria MG on May 21, 2020


Ahh, Festival Season...That wonderful time of year where you can let loose and see all your favorite artists in one place, let your hair down or put it up in a flower crown and  just party like there's no tomorrow...Well, not this time! With everything weird that's going around the world, most of our favorite festivals and vacay plans are cancelled, but we can still save summer and still save the festival vibes! How? We got the perfect idea!  

Festival season means it’s time to be the most extra version of yourself, no matter whether you’re attending a musical event or just listening to your favorite Spotify playlist in the comfort of your own house, room or bed! With that being said, we encourage you to gather your gel polishes and nail tools to bring your wildest, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter-worthy nail looks to life at home! 🍾🎉🎈

Choose your side!

The Go-Go Dancing Diva 

👸 She spent days finding the perfect outfit, she sent the group chat over 30 different nail options and to complete the look, she has a twinkle of glitter under her eye that matches her eyeshadow. 

Design by nailed_in_seattle / Gel Neon Sun 

The Camped-Out Cutie 

⛺ This hippie chick is down for any kind of music festival. She's constantly throwing up peace signs. She's the one who wants to tell you about how "life-changing" this festival was and how she already has plans for the next one. 

Design by polished.by.asia / Gel Blissfully Yours 

The Flower Power Girl 

🌸 These babes are chill, maybe a little too chill, but are the ones who are going to spark up a lively monologue!  

Design by klawxnails / Gel Perfect YellowPerfect OrangePerfect Purple 

The Front-Row Raver   

🎉 Everyone is hoping it will pass soon, but she's been at it for hours. If you're built anything like a tree, you're totally in! Go, go go! 

Design by rachelhairgrovenails / Gel Perfect BlackPerfect White 

The First Timer 

🍿 This person claims they are "only there for the music." Their entire life has been leading up to this single moment.

Design by kreativesbykimi / Gel Perfect BlackVelvet Matte Top Coat 


The Love Seeker 

💌 Whatever her backstory, she entered the festival with one goal: fall in love with some random guy. Good thing you did squats this morning!!! 


The Solo Dancer 

💃 Bless! Bless! Bless! Also make sure not to get in their way, unless you’re joining in to pick up some of their fantastic moves. 

Design by the_nailhouse / Gel Dark MagentaDay Off 


The Selfie Addict 

🤳She's there on a mission to fulfill a brand endorsement obligation and will probably be gone before the sun goes down...or maybe she just wants to make her friends jealous...or she just loves herself so much...that’s totally OK! 

Design by beaute_asylum / Gel Perfect WhitePerfect YellowPerfect BluePerfect Red  


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