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Confessions of a Nail Tech x Dyme Nails

by Maria MG on May 14, 2020

Madam Glam introduces a new blog series willing to inspire not only future nail technicians but beauty and nail lovers too. By each interview we’ll take, you will have the chance to know & see what it takes to be a nail tech nowadays, how to start a career, what inspires our nail techs, what challenges they’ve been through, what tips & tricks they have for us and many, many more! 

For this episode, our guest is Yolee Hicks, our talented nail tech from San Diego, California 🌴. Her passion for art and her creativity speak louder than words and you can see that if you take a look at her beautiful nail art and read her story! 

MG: When did you start your career? What do you enjoy most about doing nails? 

I started doing nails 4 years ago. I studied art my entire life, from elementary school all the way to a bachelor in fine arts. I’ve always loved being creative and nails happily turned into my forever canvas. 

MG: Who were/was the biggest inspiration/s for your nail technician career?  

When I started studying nails I really looked up to the creativity of the girls of @malishka702_nails 

MG: Why did you start the Instagram page? 

I started my Instagram page when I started my journey and began nail school. 

MG: What's your favorite nail tool/gadget? 

I would say my favorite tool is my efile. It’s been with me since I started school! 

MG: Do you have any favorite kinds of designs you like to create?  

My absolute favorite thing to do is Marble Designs. 

MG: How many gels do you own? What are your 3 favorite gels from Madam Glam?  

I would say I own at least 500 bottles of gels! My 3 favorite MG colors are "Spring Petals", "The Only One" and "Can’t get enough"!

MG: What’s your best tip for getting beautiful, well-groomed nails? 

For me it’s all about the cuticle work. It’s a beautiful detail that can make a manicure look over the top amazing!

MG: Which celebrity would be your dream client? 

I would absolutely love to do Beyoncé’s Nails!

MG: Do you have any tip or advice to share with our community, younger and future nail techs or simply nail lovers? 

My biggest piece of advice is to never stop learning and continue to always practice your craft. If you put the work and love into it, the possibilities are endless! 


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