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10 Inspiring Easter Nail Art Designs 🐰🐣🍫

by Maria MG on April 11, 2020

Soft, classic, and cheery — wait a minute, does Easter have the best holiday colors? YES!

The Spring season and Easter holiday are all about bright, cheery and fun nail designs. Think: florals, cute lil’ bunnies, pastels, rainbows and bright colors. What's not to love, right? So, to help you out with your search for the perfect Easter Nail Design, we pulled some of our favorite looks from our amazing and talented nail techs. 

Hop on these Easter-themed Nail Design ideas ASAP! 🥚🐣🐰🌈

🐰 Baby Blue Nails

Easter falls within the "April Showers" time span, making this pastel blue manicure a cute idea for the holiday and the entire season.

Design by mariebaillonGels Amor Azul, Cashmere Grey, Perfect Blue

🌸 Daisy for Days

Give your Easter mani a little flower power with this easy-to-recreate Daisy design. All you need is a white & coral gel polishes to bring the minimalist look to life.

Design by ldnailsxo / Gel Kind Salmon

🐣 My Chick Best Chick

For a more direct approach to Easter, check out this cute yellow chick inspired idea!

Design by laurart.yt / Gel My Chick

💐 Simple Florals

No, florals for spring aren't ground breaking, but if you need an excuse to paint them on your nails, Easter is a perfect one!

Design by upadaisynailsGel Arctic Blue

🦋 Butterfly Wishes

This would a great mani choice this Easter—the combo of baby blue & baby pink, some butterflies and cute little gems basically screams "Spring"!

Design by dymenails/ Gels Amor Azul, Baby Pink

🌈 Rainbow Madness

 If coffin nails are your jam, consider copying this rainbow mix. If you simply love the color palette, you'll be glad to know it can be worn on nails of all shapes and sizes.

Design by nailsbyalma⁠/ Gels Pour Me a Glass Collection  

🎨 Happy Tips

Manifest good vibes only this Easter with this colorful nail art that's about to make your family and friends grin through the festivities.

Design by nails_by_alice/ Gels Perfect Yellow, Perfect Orange, Perfect Purple

😎 Nostalgia Vibes

We love a pretty pastel pink—but add some neons to it & and it's even better. Seriously, how gorgeous are these eye-catching colors? 

Design by alijcreates/ Gels Perfect Yellow, Spring Petals, Perfect Black


💿 Mirror, Mirror on My Nails...

Don't have a steady hand for intricate nail designs? Try a simple and timeless look with these chic metallic nails!

Design by yeswhatnails/ Gel Metallic Silver Base 

✨ Sparkle Fade

If you prefer to pay homage to the holiday with the color of the season as opposed to real-life representations (like animals and eggs), then these green sparkle-inspired ombré nails are worth considering.

Design by foxxynails/ Gel Meadow Green 


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