Every month, we are spotlighting a different colour, insanely gorgeous shade, so you can have an ingenious manicure regularly.  Each colour is selected carefully according to our core values, millennial audience and events of the season. It is our way to celebrate nail art creativity and simplicity for our dear community of nail technicians and influencers that love to express their offbeat personalities through manicure. 

The colour Orange is impossible to resist during October days, and here are 4 cosy orange shades that are meant to comfort you during the cold month.  No, but seriously- what are you waiting for?


Pumpkin Juice

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, dress-up my nails as something good to drink. “Pumpkin Juice” is definitely the perfect Halloween costume for nail’s addicts around- kind of autumn fun on your fingertips.  A playful orange shade that looks even better while enjoying a hot drink and watching the leaves fall.

pumpkin juice madam glam

Bang Bang

- the sudden loud noise that announces that it’s time to warm up on an autumn evening with this hot orange brick shade.  A sure to please colour that will make you feel/look both- elegant and sexy, no matter the temperature outside/inside. The only shade you should always wear on a first date.

bang bang madam glam

Lady’s First

Get ready to be the diva of the season with this alternative shade, because ladies are always first! A conservative, yet fun change of colours that will make you look the coolest girl of the entire city. The perfect way to turn a classic manicure into a glam festive one.

ladies first madam glam


With all these special occasions happening during fall, there’s no secret that your look is about to get an upgrade. Make your October more festive with this entertaining shade. Being “Obsessed” when it comes to your Halloween manicure is actually quite a good thing.  How freaking cute your nails will be with this cat eye gel?

obsessed madam glam


For more seasonal ideas of nail art, make sure to check out all the orange shades that are now available on our website.   

Blood Orange”, “Cheek to Cheek”, “Ginger Snap” and One Step Gel “Orange Lilly” are just few of the many gorgeous gels by Madam Glam that you might want to go for.  

Written by: Andreea Bortun