Higher Spirit

 Even down-to-earth shades can get you higher! Impress your friends with this trendy and sophisticated cat eye gel by Madam Glam; An “unworldly” colour suitable mostly for the gorgeous ladies who are seeking attention. Higher+ Spirit= TOP LEVEL in terms of manicure.



 A la mode

 This is by far the only shade that will make you glow up always.  Get really stylish with this 2 in 1 gel colour, perfect for the changing temperatures during fall! “Soft Red” vs “Chocolate Brown” and you’ve already turned into a fashion icon!






AKA an excuse to try out all gels by Madam Glam, and this is the perfect shade to start your affair with. A subtle change between a sparkly brown to a gorgeous light brown- this is how you give your manicure a totally healthy makeover!  Warning bells all around: it is easy to fall for the “Womanizer” seductive gel colour.

IMG_3277 (1).jpg



 Turn your manicure into art…it’s easier than it looks! “Ryba” is the magical cat eye shade that you won’t be able to resist. It only requires a deep desire of upgrading your look in terms of manicure; a gel colour that is perfect for your next winter soiree.

IMG_3274 (1).jpg

 Choosing the right colour for your nails could be a complicated thing- especially if you are not confident about what you are looking for. Visiting our online shop might be pretty useful as there are loads of shades available for you; every month we make sure to surprise you in the best way possible with innovative collections in glamorous shades- top quality products with a special formula that is cruelty-free, 9-free and vegan.

   Written by: Andreea Bortun