Just uttering this sweet word makes us get all nostalgic, inside out, and ready to lighten up our beauty routine by searching for nail polishes that make us feel fresh and on-point.

And because Spring is just another season to be fancy, it is time to drool over Madam Glam’s nail polish line trends and know which shade is made for your fingers and toes.

Because we all love makeup and out of the hundreds of products we use to beautify, nail polish is on the top five of most women’s list. Even if you’re a beginner, you can’t deny the confidence you feel when flaunting your fresh made colorful nails. 

After transitioning Madam Glam’s huge collection and checked catwalks for inspiration and new ideas, we concluded that clearly, this season is all about simple details, natural-looking beauty and moderness, while matching a regal look.

Your personality type, nail length, nail shape and personal preferences should be the main elements to take into consideration when deciding to make a change.

Look At The Stars - Back And Better Than Ever

The ever humble and easy-to-match color choice is that one style that proves how sometimes, simplicity is the best weapon. Dark and subtle enough, while still adding a ton of serious sparkle to your outfit, it masters your Spring repertoire and helps you achieve a chic look.

Trust that you will look stunning!

Spicy Sahara - Meant To Get You Gorgeous

Forget nudes and pale color shades! This Spring should be totally about spicing up your look and be a star. This shade is perfect for someone who doesn’t get easily intimidated and wants to play with the trends.

It has us dying, like literally.

Mon Chéri - An Old Faithful

With so many wonderful matching opportunities, it is no wonder red nail polish still has such an incredible audience! Spring makes no exception as this sexy choice makes a splash all over the world of fashion and compliments any outfit!

It gives you a sense of feminity, matches your holiday hues and as simple as it is, makes you stand out. 

Cheeky Lemon - Make A Statement 

The best part about it? It can be worn by just about anyone who believes there’s nothing more festive than actual neon. A much-loved polish that is in no danger of going out of style and can be customized accordingly to match your personality.

Pink Marble - An Air Of Romance 

Transform the good old manicure into an instant, fresh upgrade made of wild glitter, queen-like spring-ish color. You'll go a very long way for giving your nails the polish luxury they deserve.

Embrace this splash of sophistication, no matter the occasion. 

Blue Princess – Keeps Your Nails Out Of Your Way

Glitzy and glamorous, the Blue Princess polish creates a dramatic feel to your entire outfit. It is a great fit if you are trying to achieve a bolder look and we guarantee you'll get impressive results with it on any formal evening occasion.

Do Me A Favor - Braidy Bunch 

The gorgeous, ever-evolving nail shade is not only perfect for every season, but perfect for every day! If you like the cool, dark glittery tone, we suggest Do Me A Favor.

It’s fresh and recaptures anyone’s imagination with effortlessness, innocence and refinement.

Where & How?!! 

Haven’t you heard how nail saloons are sweeping the cities?

Nail technicians help accentuate women's most valuable asset and accessory - their nails!

We can't remember the hundreds of times when our nails looked fabulous, we felt all put together and our spirits were lifted at the same time.

Buying a couple of your favorite nail polishes doesn't break your bank! You're gonna love the refreshments and „gossip”, but most important, you're going from pretty to polished J

So, from colors and details to design, the best nail polishes for this Spring season are more than just simply nice makeup accessories.

DO NOT throw them on without consideration! Instead, create balance, enhance your appearance and go big or go home.

These must-wear styles double as a fashion advice, flatter your features and say something important about you!


Do you talk nailwear?