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GAME ON: Stay Home & Do Your Nails!

GAME ON: Stay Home & Do Your Nails!

We hope you're safe & healthy at home! We thought we can have some fun since we are all spending most of our time scrolling on Instagram and watching all bunch of tutorials, memes and creative stuff!

We want to challenge you and our community that stays at home just like us! How? Calling all our creative nail artists, nail junkies & nail passionate to do a full Madam Glam "Stay at Home" Manicure. If you'd like to participate in that, here are the rules: 

by Maria MG
Summer nail trends part 1

Summer nail trends part 1

It’s the second month of summer, so we decided to share with you our favorite summer nail trends plus our top picks from Madam Glam website.

Since summer is all about colors, any pop of color would be perfect, but if you want to stay on point you must follow this amazing nail art trend that everyone is raving about.


by Katherine K


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